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Because it is troublesome, I challenge it and differentiate it! It is easy to differentiate if you master the perm!

I thought from the point of view of a former beauty dealer!
Next-generation hybrid perm that is gentle on the hairRojueI propose.

Today in the differentiation of salons
High perm advantage
I thought about.

It is sudden, but I tried to ask such a question to the hairdresser.
Q:"Do you like perms?" 」
A:"I like perms!" 」
Next, the T
Q:"Is perm one of the strengths of the shop?" 」
A:"No, it's not. Rather weak. 」
Next, the T
Q:"Do you want to make perms a strength in the future?" 」
A:"I don't really think about it. It's a failure and it takes a lot of time and effort."

I've been feeling it since I was a beauty dealer.
There are very few places that actively sell perms.

There is a feeling that it is quite weak, and the hairdresser does not want to treat the visitor so much.
It is such a feeling.

But other than that, there are many people who like perms, and if you have a perm in your own hair, you can see it here and there.
I will.

However, in the industry, the national average of perm ratio is about 10%, and the menu ratio
The percentage of the share is really low.

Why is it so low?
The reason is that there is an image of the customer's perm, too.
To tell the truth, the perm is the one that the weak consciousness is high for the hairdresser side.

I asked the hairdresser why she doesn't want to make a perm proposal.
As a result, there were a lot of opinions that were roughly

(1) Perm is painful and troublesome!
(2) I'm afraid of failure
(3) Difficult to propose

These three points are summarized.

In various experiences, there are many hairdressers who have had bad feelings with digital perms in the past.
Various factors have made the state as described above.

But I myself think:

Isn't perm a market with so few rivals?

If you're not good at it and you're not working on it, learn it first and become a strength.
It becomes possible to attract customers in the niche market of those who are looking for "I want to put a perm" there, and other customers like that
I think that it is quite useful for the unit price up because it does not spare.

So what is the barrier to breaking through this situation and making it easier for hairdressers to do perms?

What's the biggest problem I think?
The part that is said to be the problem has come in a state that has not been solved for a long time.It became very negative to beauty management.
It is that there is.

So that the part that has gone up to the weak reason in order to solve such a state is relaxed even a little
I'd like to share a little bit of information.

Today is the reason for (1) "Perm hurts!" Annoying! I will try to explain about.

Do you know how much does a perm actually hurt?

By the way, in response to the question of which color or perm hurts
at a rate of about 8:2

The perm hurts more!

It was the answer.

I can't say for sure.
Statistically, color agents are actually more damaged.

In the tone of a commonly used color,
8-10 is about 9-10 in alkalinity
If it's a gray color,
8-10 is about 10 to 12 alkalinity
There is about.

By the way, perm agent is called
It is the strongest type that any manufacturer
Alkalinity 7-8

That's about it.

As for the color, the best liver which puts out the difference of the color seems to be this alkaline amount.
Because the exact numerical value was not understood even if it examined, it is a statistical numerical value to the last.

It is easy to understand if you look at it with this numerical feeling.
It's the strongest perm.
Than the lineup of colors used on average
In fact, you can see at a glance that it is low.

So in fact, "because it hurts" is not a very reason.
This is not at all if you remember how to counsel hair and remember the selection of drugs to some extent.
It doesn't matter.

The reason why it is troublesome is actually this.
















I will write more about this in my next blog.

If such a mechanism can be firmly done, the perm
If it becomes a shop where everyone can propose it as a matter of course
Wouldn't it be easier to increase the unit price?
The bad image of the customer's perm is actually a hairdresser's
Because there is a part similar to the image for the perm
Explain the reasons as mentioned above and adapt to the season
If you make a firm proposal, the ratio may be easier to increase.
The most important reason for not doing this is because I don't know.
I think that it is good to inform the customer firmly.

Beauty salon of the color price Average price is 5000 yen to 8000 yen
The average price of a perm is 6500 yen to 9500 yen.

If you read this and feel like working on a perm
I want customers to be well pleased without any hassle!
I want to be able to make a firm proposal that everyone is unified by the mechanism!

For such a person, "Rojue" developed in micropark
I recommend it by all means, so please try it once!

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